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Some of Our Portrait Services!

Got an idea for a special portrait session? Let me know!

  • Family Portraits
  • Children’s Portraits
  • Pet portraits
  • Couples Portraits
  • Senior Portraits
  • Generational Portraits

Let’s make a moment worth remembering!

The box hadn’t been opened in years. No one knew what treasures were inside. Opening the lid, we found stacks of aging glossy cards. The colors had faded, but that didn’t limit the magic they held.

There she was, her elegance obvious even though her head was tossed back in laughter. He had his hand on her waist and his eyes on her smile. He was captivated, and so was I.

This is the woman my grandfather loved, the one my mother visited daily as her memory faded.

I remembered her as the one who would make me jello and fed me chicken soup when I was sick, but here she was vibrant, stunning, and fascinating.

I’d seen portraits of my grandmother as a young woman before, but this photograph showed not just what she looked like, but who she was.


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Here is where some of our pricing starts at:

  • Headshots-Starting at $150
  • Portraits-Starting at $600
  • Newborns-Starting at $800
  • Commercial packages-Starting at $550

Authentic & Professional Portraits

That’s why I’m so passionate about allowing an authentic experience during my portrait sessions.

In this day, pictures are as prevalent as words. You’ve probably got a hard drive full of them. But hard drives fail. Snaps and stories disappear. And those stiff studio shots you once had may record what you look like, but do they show who you are?

I want to give you a portrait session that feels more like a party or special date night.

I want to give you the portraits for the wall and the Christmas cards, sure. But even more, I want to give you the precious record of your beautiful spirit.

You deserve the kind of image that makes us pause and say, “that’s it. That’s who she was” or “look how they loved each other,” captured with the skill of a Certified Professional Photographer and printed on archival quality photography paper so they last 20 times longer than digital files.


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